The EREASY Spraying System.

For quick and easy processing of hempcrete

Hempcrete spraying with EREASY

Hempcrete spraying with EREASY – the construction site kit for an
effective processing of hempcrete / hemp-lime
We bring the innovative building material hempcrete to the next level!

spray 6 m³ hempcrete in 60 min!​
Reduce material costs through less binder.
Simple operation and robust technology!

We were looking for a simple and robust spray system for hempcrete, which can be used by any craftsman in the building trade. Near the tranquil Besancon in France we found what we were looking for. We are pleased to announce together with the BAUMER company the new EREASY spraying system for the economic processing of hempcrete in europe and to offer it for sale to interested people.


Performance of the spraying system

The EREASY hemp lime spraying system has a remarkable performance: 100 litres of hemp lime per minute or 1 m³ hemp lime in 10 minutes are no challenge for the spraying machine. The walls of a single-family house can thus be completely built in only 2 days. From mixing to spraying a total of three people is sufficient.

Spraying hemp lime with EREASY pays off. We know that from experience.

Easy oparation


robust construction

The strengths lie in the intelligent, simple construction. All parts and components were manufactured for tough construction site use and have proven themselves many times in practice. However, should something unexpectedly break, we are there for you.

durable components


What is required for spraying hempcrete?

If you want to spray hempcrete, in addition to the EREASY sprayer, you need a powerful hempcrete or concrete mixer and an air compressor with at least 10,000 l/min capacity.

Hemp hurds, binders and water are required for the hemp-lime mixture. The most suitable binder is the specially developed “EREASY 120” binder. Herewith the best results were achieved. Another advantage of the binder is that it can be used much more sparingly than other binders.

Material for hempcrete

Product details EREASY Hempcrete Spray System

The EREASY Hempcrete Spray System is delivered with the following components and is ready for immediate use in this configuration (compressor and mixer required!)

  • A mobile filling hopper with agitator, pressure switch and electric motor 220V-550 KW, protective grid, emergency stop button
  • Two 1″ 1/4 flexible compressed air hoses, length 10 m, maximum pressure 10 bar (145 psi); each with two 1″1/4 brass GK couplings, bronze flanged sockets and aluminium clamping shell
  • Two flexible conveying pipes (PU hoses ∅ 80 mm, length 10 m, each with a 3″1/2 push-in fitting)
  • A PVC spray pipe with two locks for flexible channels ∅ 80 mm, a compressed air projection nozzle with 3/4″ ball valve and brass express connection 3/8″, a reduction venturi ∅ 80 mm, a decompression probe ∅ 125 to 140 mm

When delivered, the EREASY hempcrete spraying system allows a distance of 10 m between the compressor and the machine and a distance of 10 m between the filling hopper and the spray pipe. The radius of action of the system can be optionally extended by further compressed air hoses and flexible conveying pipes. We are happy to offer you individual solutions for this.

About the manufacturer


BAUMER is a family-run mason and craftsman company from France, which is looking for solutions for the integration of hempcrete into existing building methods and wants to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Since its foundation in 2005, the company has worked mainly with natural and ecological materials such as hemp, hydrated lime and of course hydraulic lime.
To enable the integration of hempcrete into “conventional” masonry, BAUMER invented in 2009 a constructive method for embedding a concrete-reinforced framework in interlocking hemp blocks. The patent was taken over by the VICAT group in 2012 and brought to market maturity in a cooperation under the name BIOSYS:
Since 2014, BAUMER has been developing a spraying system for the execution of entire building shells in hempcrete, which is simple and efficient and within the financial scope of all craftsmen. The patented EREASY process now makes it possible to apply hempcrete to floors, walls and roofs with a considerable processing volume at low investment costs. The formulated binder, which is essential for the smooth functioning of the EREASY system, was developed in collaboration with the family business LISBONIS CHAUX GRASSES from Marseille:
Due to its reputation and expertise in the field of hempcrete, BAUMER develops its innovative solutions internationally to simplify the processing of hempcrete all over the world. Construction costs should no longer be an obstacle to everyone’s right to live in a healthy home. The solutions exist – it is up to us to act!
Biosource your home.

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About us

We at Straub & Pauly Hanfbau GbR have set ourselves the goal of making hemp known as a building material in Germany and to provide all the essential means necessary to do so to all people involved. We make the knowledge about correct use, correct processing and durable building constructions theoretically and practically accessible to a larger circle of people in events. In addition, we provide the machine technology necessary for hemp processing projects.


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